of Christian Leadership

Equipping Kingdom Leaders For the World


To develop students into leaders for God’s Kingdom

The mission of Northside School of Christian Leadership is to prepare students through a Christ-centered, biblically-based, quality education to fulfill their roles as effective leaders in their world and vivid representatives of Christ and His kingdom.

The Bible teaches that every person has been created by God to lead in the world. God created humankind in His image to be stewards over His material creation. He gave each person dominion over their environment and the capacity for relationships with one another. However, being created to lead does not guarantee that a person will discover or aspire to attain their leadership potential. Therefore, Northside seeks to launch a school with the distinctive focus of fostering leadership, as well as equipping each student with the knowledge, wisdom, and skill to carry out their leadership in the world for the service and advancement of God’s kingdom and the benefit to humankind.

In short, we are pursuing a school that will equip and inspire students to become learners, learners to become leaders, and leaders to become agents of change for the glory of God and for the expansion of His Kingdom (Ephesians 4:11-12; 2 Timothy 2:2).


An independently incorporated, fully-accredited, leadership-driven Christian school for grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade

Through a graduated process over the course of several years, Northside plans on housing a full-scale, 501c3 incorporated, private Christian school. The school will be accredited by both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Cognia (formerly Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), both of which are highly respected accreditation agencies recognized by top national and international universities.


On campus at Northside Church

The school will be located on the 20+ acre campus of Northside Church. Elementary classes and offices will be initially housed in the Northside Kids building but will expand to other buildings as is needed. To accommodate the school as it grows and additional grades are offered, additional facilities are projected for construction and/or expansion.


Fall 2023

Obviously, a great deal of work goes into launching a quality Christian school of this scale. We have already accomplished several key goals and are in the process of completing a number of other tasks, including satisfying the permitting requirements for the local government and establishing policies for student enrollment and faculty/staff employment.

Our initial goal is to launch at least two new grades at the beginning of each year, starting with Kindergarten and 1st Grade in the Fall 2023. In the initial launch year, our goal is to provide two classes for each grade level.


Qualified, Christ-surrendered faculty in structured and manageable classes

The heartbeat of a school is its faculty and staff. Therefore, we expect our teachers and assistants to have the heartbeat of Christ. We will be vigilant in employing highly-qualified personnel who are surrendered to Christ and aligned with the vision, values, and convictions of Northside Church. In proportion to the resources God provides, we are also committed to providing our faculty and staff with what they need to fulfill their call in educating their students with integrity, compassion, confidence, and joy. We are also committed to providing a well-rounded education in manageable class sizes.