Foster Woods

Born and raised in Georgia, Foster moved to Arizona in High School. After high school, Foster returned to Georgia before joining the Army. He spent time in New York, Germany, Colorado, and Washington during his ten years of active service; including one tour in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan. During his time in Germany, he met his wife and her three children. During his time in service, Foster worked as an Aircraft Radio Repairer, a Diesel Mechanic, a Diagnostic Specialist, a Storage Management Organizer, a Shift Supervisor, Team Lead, and Post Driver; all while managing and directing a team in organizing maintenance patterns, and performing maintenance checks. Notable achievements include; leading his unit in completing repair orders during both deployments; training and leading large teams of soldiers under his command in Aircraft Radio Repair, Diesel Mechanics, and Diagnostic Equipment Maintenance; and managing the storage of moving and deployed soldiers for the Northwest Region of the U.S. 

Foster has been married to his wife Krysten for eight years. His three children are all still school-aged.  Aurora(14) is a freshman in high school and enjoys crocheting and drawing. Gaige(11) is just beginning middle school in the sixth grade, he enjoys Nerf wars and building models with his dad. Lillyan(10) is in the fifth grade and loves being on Northside’s youth worship team and playing softball. Foster enjoys reading, and occasionally playing video games, as well as being an aspiring author. He and his family are all active members of Northside Church where he volunteers with the children's ministry, joins his children in the Dramatic Arts ministry, and encourages Lilly with her love of the Worship team.