Prekindergarten Dress Code 

Preschool students are not required to follow a specific dress code. Please be mindful of the weather and we recommend dressing your child in layers to accommodate indoor and outdoor activities.  Students should always wear closed-toed shoes with socks. Girls may wear small earrings.

K- 4th Grade Dress Code: Regular Dress Days



K- 4th Grade Dress Code:  Chapel Dress Days

The policies of the “Regular Dress Days'' apply to the Chapel Dress Code except for no blue jeans or denim jean-style pants. NSCL t-shirts/hoodies should not be worn on Chapel Day.

In addition: 

K- 4th Grade Additional Dress Code Items

Footwear & Socks

Dress, casual, tennis shoes or sandals are allowed but no flip-flops. All shoes must have a heel strap. No shoes with wheels.

Any socks, as long as they are not offensive, are permitted on Regular Dress Days.  


All students’ hair coloring should be of a natural hair color. Hairstyles that are deemed extreme in style or distracting are not allowed.  Hair should be neatly groomed and kept out of the eyes. Boys may not wear any hair accessories (sweatbands, hair-ties, etc.). 

Hats and Jewelry

Hats should not be worn inside the classroom or areas of worship, whether before, during, or after school. Hats should not cover a student’s eyes or face.  Jewelry must be tasteful and appropriate. Girls’ piercings are limited to ears. Boys may not have any earrings/piercings.